Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Barbie Doll Video #1

This is just a quick clip I made of part of the Barbie collection for you tube. I have more videos and photos comming to showcase the true beauty of this collection. I hope you enjoy this clip!

Barbie Collector Terminology

Here is a bit of Barbie collector information I want to share with any novice collectors. This will help you better understand my posts about specific items.

There are 10 different scales in regards to collecting Barbie's they're graded from C1 to C10.

C10 is considered in mint condition where C1 is considered not as good condition and that includes the box and all the accessories that are with Barbie and if she has ever been taken out of the box.

MIB Mint in the Box that means that the dolls have never been taken out before.

*MIP - it means that all the accessories are in the original packaging but the doll might of been taken out of the box.

*MNP - means mint no box the doll is in pristine condition but the there's no box to go with it.

*MN - means interchangeable and excellent with describing the dolls condition.

* NRFB - Never Removed From Box

* MIB - Mint in the original factory box.
* Sealed - Never opened.

* MIP - Mint in original factory packaging.

* A/O - All original. The item comes with everything it was originally released with.

* NM - Near mint.

* MNB - Mint, no box.

* MNP - Mint, no package

* Exclusive - Created exclusively for a particular retailer or distributor; no other store will carry this particular item.

* Collector's Edition - An upgrade edition of an item that includes special goodies such as DVD extras, production artwork and the like, however not all Collector's Editions are Limited Editions.

* Limited Edition - Only a certain number of this release or item was produced so once they're gone, they're gone. All limited editions would be considered to be collector's editions.

* HTF - Hard to find.

* Prototype - Products that never actually made it to market. What you're buying is the original design sample.

* Mint & Complete - The item is in mint (excellent) condition and has all of the extras it should.

Vintage Barbie Collection For Sale

I love everything Barbie. I have been an avid Barbie lover and Barbie collector for over 15 plus years years now, and I still add to the collection on occasion when I come across really great vintage Barbie dolls or accessories. This extensive vintage Barbie collection is FOR SALE and includes everything from a number of 1960's Ponytail Barbies & Swirl Ponytail Barbies MIB & MNP to a fabulous collection of 1961 Bubble Cut Barbies MNP & MIB. The collection also includes vintage MIB & NMP Casey's, Julia's, Stacey's, Francie's, Ken's, Midge's, Skipper's, Tutti's, Skooter's and more as well as a great selection of both vintage Barbie clothing and Barbie cases. The collection also includes some Barbies from the 70's, 80's and 90's as well. I have been very fortunate in my years of collecting to come across a number of beautiful MIB and MNP vintage Barbies and friends, and the collection currently lists over 550 beautiful collector Barbies and accessories. This is just a brief little view of a few of the dolls from the collection. This Barbie collection is FOR SALE and I am happy to provide more information to any serious collectors or dealers. Please visit my you tube page to view Barbie clips, videos and see more of my collection. You may e-mail me at to get a complete list of all items in the collection. Please note I am only interested in selling this as a full collection so please DO NOT contact me to inquire about certain dolls or accessories. Again this Barbie collection will only be sold as just that a Barbie collection and will not be sold seperately. I will be adding more clear photos and videos to show in detail all the beauty of this fabulous Barbie collection so please check back.